No.45 Chokwe "Mwana Pwo" Mask

No.45 Chokwe “Mwana Pwo” Mask

Carved wood, pigment, raffia

Origin: South-central Africa (Zambia region)

Interesting facts: According to traditional Chokwe belief, ancestral spirits play the crucial role of ‘providing’ for living descendants.  The mwana pwo mask represents a female ancestor but is always worn by a male dancer. This mask type represents the abundance associated with the women in Chokwe society and is worn to pay homage and respects to the female ancestors for providing for the community. Mwana pwo often features elements of beauty. In the case of this piece the key example is the dreadlocked hairstyle of the mwana pwo.

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Wood, raffia

Origin: South-central Africa (Zambia region)


Weight 0.6 kg
Dimensions 26 × 34 × 18 cm
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